What I do

I'm a Software Developer with the focus programming language being Java, however I also know some PHP, Javascript and HTML. I've also tried using C/C++ but me refusing to work with Visual Studio resulted in me not being able to compile the code. Being stubborn has it's drawbacks, I guess. However as soon as I started to use Eclipse CDT on Linux it seemed to work, perhaps that is one reason why I should use Linux over Windows, but right now I'm an utter idiot when it comes to Linux, but with experience I'll learn more. Other than that I also got a passion for free and open source software, albeit it grieves me sometimes that others can use my work for evil stuff or just to gain a quick buck, for example in pay to win servers. But that is something you will have to live with when creating free and open source software. And maintaining seemingly dead or abandoned is a fun thing to do (that is if the software in question was written in a somewhat sensical matter) even if I sometimes mess up big time and by improving the software I end up accidentally creating big security holes, but I suppose I have to live with this.
Anyways, I will attempt to write down some of my experiences, even as these aren't very many in numbers as of yet as I only developed software for two years now, but it will surely grow in the forseeable future.

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