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Brute force HTML

It will be fun, they said.

Jokes aside, developing a Website entirely from scratch without a website builder, templates or similar (which I call Brute force HTML coding) but rather with just my trusty IDE (If you can call it an IDE) on my android phone, might have been a mistake, but at least it has been somewhat fun.

Now, did it have any positives?

Maybe, but other than knowing the Basic building blocks of the world wide web you are using right now, I learned little things I actually can use in my future life, however It was fun in the moment. To the product, maybe, you can picture it yourself iff I did Not alter the style by now, in that case future me would likely explain how it looked, although he might too be lazy to do that. In terms of efficency, it might be better, this Page will be 3 462 characters in size, with the CSS being another 2 000 characters. The page also does not have any nasty notices like This page was made by Easy Website 1999™ Home Edition ©! but I got in turn artifacts from W3Schools in my work, as I copied a lot of code from them, most noteably being the sidebar script (Appendium 08 Nov 2020: RIP that one.). It is puzzling to me that W3Schools largely has no intrusive ads (If they even have any), but I assume they make the money from the certificates.

And why is it bad?

The first point: Huge expenditure of time, nothing more to say.
The second point: The website has a rather outdated style, being more early 2000s-ish
Other than that, I got no idea, however, I don't think that in the world of today it's any useful to have a Website like this one.
And as I said, I typed in every single character you see and don't see, by hand, on a phone, at 1:13am in a cold Summer 2020 night while being on vacation in cold Brittany - stupid, I know.
However, since there will be no real (if I'm not wrong) Apache/PHP servers for Android in the future, I will be unable to test why I do then.

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