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When is a Minecraft Server p2w?

Well, the other ones are also p2w!

Belive it or not, I hear it a lot as an anti-p2w crusader. But let's not stray away from the topic too much.
First off:

What does p2w mean?

Pay to win, also known as p2w, is the state of a game in which a player can directly or indirectly buy advantage over another player with a currency such as the USD or EUR.

Applying it to Minecraft Servers

The definition doesn't offer too much room for Interpretation, but yet some belive that because other Servers (noteably CosmicPvP and others) do it worse, that they can get away with it, don't get me wrong, they do get away with it, but it still is a bad move. Now,

Why wouldn't you want to be P2W?

Mainly two reasons, one is that it decreases the happieness of the playbase, the second one being that it is against Mojang's EULA, or to be more exact, the Commercial usage guidelines. However this FAQ concerning the issue is also an important read. I should also note that, in fact (wow, suprise!), I'm not a lawyer and this is not legal advice whatsoever.


Pay to Win:
Not or weakly pay to win: Mentions are no endorsments, just examples for informative and educational use.

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