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The Geolykt Server

What the server is about

The Server is running while my Computer is running, so while you are playing on the server, there will be lag spikes, frequent downtimes and a nonexistant vibrant community.
It is mainly a satirical project and I wouldn't think the server gets popular anytime in the future.

The plugins it uses

It uses mainly The Chunks are falling as a core plugin. The Chunks are falling is a plugin that can screw you over if you don't want to spend money. We might put a more extensive focus on the plugin and make the world border smaller, meaning that chunks will fall very fast. But the Plugin could also be used in the future for getting easily resources. (already done)

When does the Server run?

The Server usually runs between 13:00 and 21:20 GMT on weekends, it may run more or less. It may also run on weekdays. It had in the first 5 days of running an uptime of 25%, which I would call reasonable for such a server.

What is the Server IP?

Plain and simple: mc.geolykt.de:25565. You may omit the ":25565" as it is the default server port.


    November 26:
     -Added Biomes to the terrain generation (sortof)
     -The correct generator will now be used for the building world.
     -Fixed Biomes (you'll find some broken chunks)
    November 25:
     -Now using Multiverse (more worlds!)
     -A chunk now falls every 500 ticks, not every 300 ticks, this should increase server stabillity by a lot.
     -World reset
     -The default world is now 160 by 160 big.
     -The default world is now mainly to be used for resource gathering
     -We are working on implementing /loan, but the command is no longer usuable for now.
     -Towny is no longer a thing. (we might come up with an alternate system)
     -Fallen chunks have a slight chance of dropping ores and other resouces as a little extra
     -We are working on a new World generation for the new building world, the building world should not distribute ores or other fun stuff, but it might in future.
     -/spawn now gets you to the correct loaction in the default world. (no longer in the middle of the nether or end, if used in the dimensions)
     -Radically changed spawn, it's a bit more minimalistic now.
     -You can no longer use /fallprotect
     -Now making use of Chunks are Falling Version 3F, which will be a non-public version for rather specific usage.
     -We are considering on making use of Bake

    November 22:
     -The World is now 3200 by 3200 big.
     -A chunk now falls every 300 ticks, no longer every 250 ticks. This may increase server stabillity.
     -We now have a Website Webpage (which you are reading rn)


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