An introduction in CountsJavadoc

CountsJavadoc was made as I wanted to know how good my application was documented, which is why I wrote the application. However since I also wanted to get more familliar with C++, I made it in C++, so please keep in mind that this is my first usuable C++-application. Now, current versions of CountsJavadoc don't do very much apart from counting how many methods and fields are defined within a specific set of files, but I'll be working on adding more features.
The usage of the application is pretty easy one you get it running, however there are a few things to keep in mind:


We provide source code and executable downloads for several versions of the application. However as of now they only work on linux, but if you know how to get them to run on Windows or other operating systems, feel free to contact me on the beforementioned channels. The application is licensed under the WTFPL so you are free to do whatever you want to do with it, but I would still like (you are not forced though) if you were to credit me and tell me where it ended up at. I might also not update the application, so if you use it and want it to be more rich in features, also feel free to contact me.