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Recent News

Updated 80% of the sites' styles

You may have noticed that we have changed the style of many sites of ours, we don't plan to update it again as it requires a lot of work.

Maintainance & Official Launch of the Darkener

Basic maintainance:
-Fixed some spelling errors accros the site.
-Fixed broken links
-Contact section updated and is now seen in more pages
-Guidance panel on top of the sites included in some site (change will roll out depending on when I will update the site)

I am also happy to announce that we provided one of the first tools for Theotown for PC, this one will make it easier to provide night textures.

Removed Pointless pointers in Index and Updated Theotown plugins

Today 1 404-Site was removed (commented out).
I further updated the Theotown Plugin sites, which will now be a compilation of most plugins I made.
I also added a contact-section in most sites (will take some time until I will upload these sites).
I also increased the friendliness for mobile devices.

News Index not working correctly - RESLOVED

I have found out on my daily Maintainance Tour around the website, that this Site has not been working correctly, this has been resolved. I hope that it didn't affect the site and you (the user) too much.
I will also make a page about the explaination of this site's cookies and what user information the site collects. (Sure, nobody will care about it, but it's law to do so (I belive))


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