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Minecraft Towny

Towny Roleplay

Towny is a Minecraft 'sub-game'-genre, which is Like Factions, with the Exception that raids are hard or Impossible to do.
Resulting in a more Peacefull way of playing, with the Common Goal to exceed themselves.
Players can join or create a town. They buy Plots, build on them and live in communities (a bit like the real world).
Sadly Minecraft Servers don't have an infinite lifetime, so they get forgotten forever at some Point (Im talking about the builds, not the Server itself), so we will move to another Server at some Point in the Future.


Newest News

OverseasV4 devloping fast

Hello readers, OverseasV4/NewOverseas has lately exerpienced rapid economical growth on the server.
It is now one, or the most growing town in financial terms, with a surplus of over 10k yesterday (june 28 2019) alone.
However the town is not devloping fast by other means, but it will suffice to be in the top 10 economies soon. And where the money is, players will come.
-NewOverseas Administration


Hello everyone,
ALL Overseas town administrations (from towns with the mayor of emeric987) will be unaviable from July 7th 2019,
We will come back to usual shedule on August 7th 2019.

Plans for Overseas

Morning Minecrafters,
Overseas is thriving in the whole 'Mess' and I want to thank everyone for that.
It's Strange to revive the time when the Town was only 8 chunks big,
Now it's 150 (and counting) Chunks big!
The grinders are bigger than they ever were, I never thought the would ever be so big!
However there's Room to surpass ourselves, Heres a List of Improvements and Goals to reach for the Town We could make

Creation of the Topic

Hello everyone,
I want to thank all the Users who will visit the Website in the Future.
It's the first time I'll be doing this, so the Style is rather plain,
but you don't need much, do you?
I Like to take the hard way (I'm a strange Guy, don't ask me why though)
Lets Just Hope Article 13 isn't going to kill the Website in the next few years.