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NewOverseas / OverseasV4 - A Minecraft Towny Town

The History

NewOverseas, now known as OverseasV4 is a town that was founded on April 6 2019 as part of a expedition to other towny servers.
The host server is relatively calm, although it seems like the community uses relatively mature language.
NewOverseas won new players early as it was the only open town on the server. It still persists until the day of writing (June 24 2019).
The server should have been killed on June 17 2019 and is thus regarded as dead. However the server still runs for an unkown reason.


NewOverseas renamed and adopted as the secondary capital

Morning Minecrafters,
The town formerly known as NewOverseas has fallen in my absence. However we have not found any damages to our structure which we could tie to the server's strict anti- grief policy.
The town was claimed and is now named "OverseasV4", is will however still be referenced as "NewOverseas".
The town is not eaxpect to fall anytime soon.

NewOverseas Dead?

Morning Minecrafters,
We have unconfirmed reports that the host server of NewOverseas has been shut down on June 17 2019,
however, as of June 24 2019, this server still runs. We are unable to explain this and you should keep in mind that the server could shut down at any time.
We recommend to remain cautious about this case.
However we will adopt this town as the secondary capital of Overseas.

Plans for NewOverseas

Morning Minecrafters,
NewOverseas is staganting because of this so loose community. I don't have any projections how the town will devlop and It may desolve soon. Heres a List of Improvements and Goals to reach for the Town We could make

What it offers

This is in devlopment


Far screenshot from the town from a elevated spot

Total view of the town, as of June 24 2019