'Industries, Towns and Governements' is an isometric game. It's still in development and its release date is unknown.
What you can expect:

Newest News

Building via Console

Today's Devlopment is going to an End, and I can present a Console, which will be the first way of User interaction with the Game. It won't be able to do much right now and it may be removed as soon as the game comes out, but it allows to test the application while the mouse listener isn't implemented. Some features are: Exiting the game without alt + F4; showing the funds (money) of the game (currently useless, as money is stagnant); and to replace ('build') a tile with another. This may not be as effective as the build command would be 'build 5 4 1' and not like 'build 5 4 grass', this is due to the game storing and processing all build via ints, while there is a STRING_ID assigned to any building in the game, it cannot be used to acces a specific building as no hashmap exists, that assigns the STRING_ID to a int (the unique identifier of a building).

console demo

Demonstration of the Console

Earliest Devlopment Photos

iso view - grass

A plain isometric view with only grass

iso view - dirt

A plain isometric view with only dirt

Announcement of the game!

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