Geolykt is a personal website for me where I write more or less silly stuff. I also host some of my applications as well as documents on there. For the normal User the site is pretty much uninteresting. I might also use the domain one day to host a minecraft server. The idea has been floating for a while already (and has already been somewhat executed), but never really be realized with the right tools. One day, one day.


Site Changelogs

Welcome to v7!

After some time in hiatus I worked a bit more on the Site, adding anoter product of mine as well as changing the style of the site for the 7th time. Why am I going to stop? I got no idea. The new style is now in permament dark mode and is 100% more static, so you will no longer find potentially miniscule buttons on the top of the page.
The change will roll out to the rest of the pages in the coming days. I also deleted a few hidden or pretty much unused files.

Added a Shoutbox

After multiple hours of work I assembled a shoutbox for the site, although I doubt anyone is going to use it, we are going to see that. I will likely also link it on some of the pages' navbars. You can find it here in the meantime

Welcome to v6

I've tinkered a bit more with this site's layout and we are now in the 6th iteration of the layout! I've also deleted a lot of stuff

You can also contact me via email!
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