Hello, I'm Geolykt and you'll probably not know me. That is fine, because you don't need to. I'm mostly a bukkit plugin developer (which are the things that make minecraft servers more interesting) but I also maintain galimulator's only mod loader, Galimulator-Starloader.
I also have a minecraft server which can be joined via "mc.geolykt.de". You should totally join it!

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Site changes:

Slight overhauls

After an almost 2 year absence I decided to revisit this site to give it a slight overhaul as there is a lot of stuff on it that nowadays I deem cringy.
Unlike the previous iterations, the old content is still visible but is no longer linked to directly.

Welcome to v7!

After some time in hiatus I worked a bit more on the Site, adding another product of mine as well as changing the style of the site for the 7th time. When am I going to stop? I got no idea. The new style is now in permanent dark mode and is 100% more static, so you will no longer find potentially minuscule buttons on the top of the page.
The change will roll out to the rest of the pages in the coming days. I also deleted a few hidden or mostly unused files.

Welcome to v6

I've tinkered a bit more with this site's layout and we are now in the 6th iteration of the layout! I've also deleted a lot of stuff

You can also contact me via email!
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