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Our Minecraft Server

It's been two weeks since we launched it, but it's now in a semi-stable, so enough to say that it's playable. The IP is "mc.geolykt.de" and it's a strange SMP-like Server with economy. We might add a towny/factions plugin in the future. Learn more

New Style within the overseas Subdomain and the Main Index

I guess the title says it all, but you may have already noticed that a bunch of pages have changed their location.
we have also added an imprint as well as a data policy page (although, I must admit, it's bad) and the Styles of the index page (this page) was changed to a dark variant.
Sites that are overseas.geolykt.de/* have also changed their Designs and even have fancy buttons to minimize stuff

Imprint <===> Data policy

Mail: mcoverseas@geolykt.de (mc towny)

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